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LPS employs individuals holding an LEA-Specific educator license, license areas, and/or endorsement.

·         Types of Educator Licenses:

 Professional: Standard professional license issued to educators that have completed a Utah education program, traditional or alternative, or transferred an educator license from another state or country and met Utah’s licensure requirements. Valid for 5 years, renewable.

Associate: Temporary license issued to an individual earning their professional educator license through a Utah university-based or alternate education preparation program as defined in Utah Administrative Rule R277-301. Valid for 3 years.

LEA-Specific: Temporary license approved by the governing board of a Local Education Agency (LEA) under Utah Administrative Rule R277-301. Valid for 1, 2, or 3 years.

 ·         Please navigate to the following website for information about the percentages (based on FTE) of types of licenses, license areas, and endorsements held by educators employed in our school https://www.schools.utah.gov/licensing/humanresources?mid=5270&tid=1

·         Utah Educator Look-Up Tool https://cactus.schools.utah.gov/PersonSearch